Giselle Sproule

I am a content editor and writer with a Bachelor's degree in English. I have experience editing and writing for an editing agency as well as a newspaper. You'll find I am detail-oriented, reliable, and creative, with a solid knowledge of grammar and a strong vocabulary.

The Gauntlet / Rosalind redefines local folk

Rosalind is a seven-piece indie-folk ensemble based in Calgary. The band began in 2015 as a jam session between members Jesse Shire, Amanda Rishaug and Mike Goossen. “That first jam session was probably the best orientation I’ve ever had with a group of musicians. [We had] instant chemistry — we all got along really well and seemed to have the same intuition. Everything gelled right away and and we knew that we had something special,” says banjo player and vocalist Shire. After playing as a tr

What Writers Can Learn From Writing Poetry

Poetry seems to be one of those things that you either love or hate. Were you the kid making begrudging rhymes in your high school English class, or the one putting their heart and soul into every cheesy metaphor? Either way, you turned out to be a writer, which means you have something to learn from revisiting poetry. Here at Craft Your Content, Amanda Stein has already explored how reading poetry benefits writers, but what about writing poetry? Attempted by few since their student d

How To Define and Use Your Brand Voice

In a world filled to the brim with different products, services, and brands to choose from, it can be difficult for a brand to stand out. Yet, many companies have managed to break out of the masses, sometimes even creating cult followings. So what are they doing right? A critical element of successful brands is their voice. Take Apple, for example. Its ads, with concise sentences, minimalist presentation, and a strong emphasis on “cool,” set Apple up as having modern, innovative, and must-have

Why You Should Stop Trying to Think Outside the Box

“Think outside the box.” It’s basically the mantra of creativity, drilled into the minds of schoolchildren and executives alike. As a writer under pressure to come up with creative, original content and ideas, I’ve even repeated it to myself — something I’m sure many writers and entrepreneurs can relate to. We’re always striving to stand out from the crowd, and we’ve been told that thinking outside the box is the way to do that. “Think outside the box” has permeated our approach to creativity